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If you are looking for a guide in Italy, here are some proposals of my colleagues

Базилика Святого Петра


Rome is an eternal city full of secrets and mysteries. Rome fascinates with its beauty and history. Here you will find a combination of antiquity, baroque and modernity.

For those who come to the city for the first time, I offer a 3/4 hour sightseeing tour to explore the city or a Full day in Rome.

With me you can explore Ancient Rome in the Colosseum and the remains of the Roman Forum, discover the treasures of the Vatican and the masterpieces of the Galleria Borghese, visit authentic areas on the other side of the Tiber, get to know Baroque Rome (Bernini, Borromini and Caravaggio), discover the magic of Roman streets and local gastronomic delicacies, walk through unknown Rome or visit the roofs of Rome, and also go on a short trip to the country villa Tivoli with chic gardens.

Anna, guide in Rome


Venice is extraordinary and unique! It captivates with its charm and incredible story thousands of people who come to the treasured island every day. You can love or hate it but it will not leave anyone indifferent.

Get lost in the labyrinth of narrow streets and canals, feel like an adventurer, discover the great works of art of the Venetian masters and the wealth of their palaces, find out what the success of the Venetian Republic was built on, plunge into the atmosphere of the local carnival, ride along the canals in a motor boat or gondola, taste the freshest fish dishes and, of course, enjoy a glass of Aperol - all this awaits you during a tour of Venice.

Anastasia, guide in Venice

Галерея Витторио Эмануэле


Milan is considered the capital of Italian fashion, the business center of Italy, and few people consider it for a tourist visit. But in addition to the Milan Cathedral and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan has its own history, local attractions, cozy places and its own secrets, which I want to introduce you to.

We can walk through places of worship or take a peek at the little known streets, join the local lifestyle and stop by for an aperitif, a trendy restaurant or an unusual boutique.

Milan can be interesting and memorable with me!

In addition, I talk about suburbs of Milan and everyday life of local residents, as well as organize excursions outside the city, including to Lake Como.

Anna, guide in Milan


I think everyone dreams of visiting the homeland of Romeo and Juliet and plunging into medieval romance. Someone will be more interested in the gastronomic part of the trip and local wines, because Verona is famous for its amazing Valpolicella wine.

Someone is more interested in the Roman origins of this city, and someone just wants to enjoy the opera in the Arena.

I will be happy to introduce you to the city and reveal its secrets and intimate stories to you, as well as guide you through the haunts of Valpolicella.

For those who have already enjoyed the beauties of Verona, I offer excursions to Lake Garda and a trip to the Sermione Outlet.

Moreover, for lovers of Italian cuisine, I organize special master classes in the city center.

Nataly, Guide in Verona



Do you think Naples is a dirty, dangerous crime city?

A decent tourist in Naples has nothing to do?

On the tour "Masterpieces of Naples" we will dispel these unfounded prejudices and see the real heart of this ancient city!


Believe me, despite its dubious reputation, Naples is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Naples will amaze you with the luxury of its palaces and churches, ancient history and unique museums.

A bright kaleidoscope of ancient history, folk traditions, artistic and architectural masterpieces awaits you.

Conservatory, opera house and bel canto, folk music and musical instruments.

The gastronomic traditions of Naples can also be called masterpieces in their role: pizza that burns fingers, snow-white mozzarella, juicy rum baba, fragrant coffee and seafood dishes. Here you will find a real paradise for gourmets!

During this tour I will show you all the masterpieces of Naples. Weathered Naples will forever remain in your memory.

Anastasia, Guide in Naples


Tourists are most interested in excursions to excavations in Pompeii or Herculaneum. Both cities suffered from the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD.  Ashes and petrified flows of volcanic materials preserved them for a long time along with the inhabitants. Pompeii was buried under a six-meter layer of volcanic ash and pumice  , and Herculaneum was flooded with streams of volcanic mud washed out by rain.


Life stopped here on 24 Aug. 79 BC under an avalanche of red-hot lava, ash and stones of the most grandiose and eruption of Vesuvius. For three days, the flourishing city of the Roman Empire perished. However, the fire and ashes that destroyed the city have preserved buildings, frescoes, household items, even goods in shops for centuries - invaluable and unique evidence of the daily life of a typical Roman city.


The route usually starts from the Forum - the center  of the political, religious and commercial life of the city. We will visit the houses of noble people, baths and theaters, places of entertainment (we will not disregard the Lupanar, an ancient house of brothel), we will walk along the street of Plenty, where the doors of many shops, taverns, workshops and wine cellars are opened.


Let's take a look at  rich streets with individual buildings, wonderful frescoes and mosaics. Among them are the house of a faun and the country Villa of the Mysteries, famous  for a cycle of frescoes dedicated to the cult of Dionysus. 


Casts of human bodies made of plaster convey the horror of the tragedy that overtook Pompeii.

Anastasia, Guide in Pompeii

Bertinoro Wine Tasting


Emilia Romagna may not be the most touristy region in Italy, but that's what makes it attractive. You have a unique opportunity to visit places where no mass tourist has ever set foot and where only locals go at the moment.

During the tour you will visit the small village of Bertinoro, which in Italian means "Drink you from gold" and tells us about the attitude of the locals towards their wine. The village of Bertinoro is surrounded by vineyards, and from its hill offers a beautiful view of the entire coast from Rimini to Ravenna.

In addition to amazing views, tasting of local wines from Sangiovese grapes and autochthonous Barbarossa awaits you. Half of the wines, which you will taste, are the Cru's. And the autochthonous variety Barbarossa is characterized by soft tannins, but at the same time has a long vitality.

If you are relaxing in Rimini, this is the perfect option to spend a day different from everyone else and enjoy a truly Italian, not a touristy atmosphere.

Daria, Guide to Bertinoro

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