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Shop for itineraries prête-à-porter

You are going on an individual trip to Italy and do not know which cities to visit and how to organize your time, what to see and what to leave for your next trips?! Or you can't decide what will be the best way to move between cities, by car or by public transport?! And if you don't have time to look through various information on different web-sites, you can visit our shop of prête-à-porter itineraries. You can choose more classic itinerary or not standard one. 

In the downloaded file you will find a description of the route day by day, and various travel tips about transport, museum working hours and costs. If you choose to travel by car, you will find all useful information about renting a car, parkings, limited traffic zones, use of highways. Tours in Tuscany include information on accommodation.

If you haven't found the itinerary which satisfies you, we are ready to create a customized itinerary for you. Communicate to us you preferences and time availability.

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