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Our mission: Affordable luxury

Florence - aristocratic and elegant  town. Exquisite taste and subtle style are appreciated here! Everything here is imbued with art and age-old wisdom! We invite you to feel this atmosphere, luxurious and mysterious. Our goal: to provide you with a comfortable and interesting stay in Florence at a reasonable cost with full immersion in the cultural, historical and gastronomic aspects of the life.  True luxury for Tuscans is not a "kitsch", but is an elegant lifestyle, a sense of beauty in everything. And this is luxury affordable for you!

Florence Deluxe
The magic of Art

We are responsible for your comfort

Florence is not a city for mass tourism, it is a city with taste. And like a good wine, it should be tasted slowly in order to capture all the subtle notes of its atmosphere, to feel the pleasant aftertaste. So my task is to organize your holidays in Florence and Tuscany in such a way, that you can fully enjoy it, trusting all organizational matters to us. My goal is to let you feel the refined atmosphere of this city, to understand its historical significance and fall in love with it, as well as discover the secret corners of Tuscany with its peaceful landscapes, cozy villages, thermal springs and traditional wineries.

Founder and Creative Director
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