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Our Service

We are Wine Hunters and Wine Mentors, taking care of you personal Wine Cellar including:

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Formation and replenishment of the basic wine-range of the cellar

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Hunting for and purchase of sought-after high-level wines on your request

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Selection of new "boutique" wines to broaden your horizons

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Conducting master-classes, wine-tours and wine-tastings

Your advantages


You get wines at wine-shop price which is lower than retail price


You save your time for searching of quality and interesting wine


You receive unique and diverse wines that are not always found in the open market


You always know that you have wine for a dinner, for friends or special occasion

Our Story

The  history of the Rock Me Wine brand started from the collaboration of Florence Deluxe Wine Club and "DiVin Boccone", an intimate wine cellar in historical center of Florence. Our love for wine and the desire to show to the world all its diversity led to the creation of a wine club and the organization of various tasting evenings.  

We started to organize tastings in our wine cellar and at the wineries in Chianti, than we started to search certain high-level wines for our Russian clients. And, unfortunately, we understood, that many people looking for the Names in wine world. And we decided to bring knowledge and comprehension of what you drink. Therefore, our main task is to expand your horizons in the world of wine and show what an endless variety of tastes it represents. However, when forming the basic assortment of your wine cellar, we take into account your tastes and preferences, and only then do we start tasting and introducing new wines into it.

So, Wine Hunting for us is not only research of well-known sought-after wines, but also discovering new style Biological and Natural Wines of High Quality. Our interest is to present you boutique artisan companies with their specialities. 

While Wine Mentoring is destined to enlarge your knowledge about wines and wine production through different master-classes, tastings, winery visits and participation in eno-gastronomic tours.

Our Team

Our Partners

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