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Grand Mix: culture, shopping, gastronomy

A day tour of Florence is a great opportunity to know the city from different sides.

We will devote the first half of the day to the historical past of Florence, its key sights and personalities. You will learn how the Medicis appeared in Florence and how they were connected with the Renaissance. The secrets of the City Cathedral and Piazza Senoria will be revealed to you, you will see Dante 's house, medieval towers and wine holes.

During this tour it is possible to visit the Medici Mausoleum, the Uffizi Gallery and the Galleria Academia or any other museum of your choice.

At lunchtime we will try a Florentine cuisine, it can be a hot meal or just a traditional Tuscan plate of cheese and meat cuts.

The afternoon will be more relaxed and more dedicated to modern Florence and a some shopping, artisans and souvenirs.

As you know, Florence is famous for its handicrafts, especially leather and jewelry. In addition, here you will find interesting perfume shops, shoes and clothes of local designers. Florentine mosaics or Tuscan ceramics may also draw your attention.

Price: 400 euro for 8 hour tour

The price does not include drinks, lunch/dinner and entrance tickets

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