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Medium: immersing yourself in the culture of Florence

With our 4-hour walking tour in Florence you can deeply immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the city, learn its history and stylistic features.

You should have heard that Florence is called the Cradle of the Renaissance, so lets find out what lies behind this.   

During our tour we will find out how did Renaissance begin and hot it have influenced different spheres of life. We will walk through Dante's Florence, then plunge into the era of Cosimo the Elder and Lorenzo the Magnificent. We will discover there ancient Florence of Roman times is hidden. 

You will observe Florence outstanding view from the viewpoint Piazzale Michelangelo. We will slide through the narrow cozy streets of Oltrarno, filled with craft workshops and antique shops.

History and art will be diluted with pleasant relaxing breaks for a cup of aromatic coffee, homemade ice cream and a glass of wine with cheese or cold cuts.

Price: 240 euro for 4 hour tour

The price does not include drinks, lunch/dinner and entrance tickets

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