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Light version: Spritz and some history

Do you want to see the core aspects of Florence? Do you want to know more about the main buildings and understand the significance of Florence during the Middle Ages? Then this short 2-hour walking tour is for you! During this tour, we'll visit the main attractions of Florence and learn about Renaissance times and the Medici family. We will start with Republic Square where the city was started many years ago, and you will see how the square has changed through time. The next stop will be at Florentine Cathedral Santa Maria-del-Fiore, where you will learn about the history of construction and discover some hidden meanings. We will speak about the famous Paradise doors of Baptistery, Giotto's Bell Tower, and Brunelleschi's Dome. At Medici House you will learn about the political system of Florence during Republic times and what helped the Medici Family to gain power in the city.


Then we will direct you to Dante's quarter where you will see the example of the tower house and learn more about struggles in the city. In this part of Florence, you can still see a small piece of the ancient Roman City Wall and an administrative building from the 13th century which is now the Museum of Sculpture. The last stop will be at the political square Piazza della Signoria with its imposing Town Hall Palazzo Vecchio and a lot of statues with hidden meanings. You will learn what was Uffizi Gallery in the beginning and why the Medici built their secret passage Vassari's corridor. We will finish with the view of the old bridge Ponte Vecchio, unfolding its secrets of survival. 

Price: 120 euro for 2 hour tour

Площадь республики. Флоренция. Обзорная экскурсия
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