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Uffizi Gallery: painting in faces and legends

Visiting Florence you just cannot miss the Uffizi Gallery, which contains the works of such geniuses as Botticelli, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Titian, Michelangelo and Caravaggio,  

But visiting art galleries is not an easy task, it requires some preparation and concentration.  Or just an experienced interesting guide who will focus your attention on the most important works, explain the differences in styles and techniques, tell interesting stories from the life of the artists, who will show you philosophical and historical interpretation of paintings, who will reveal the meaning of symbols and some hidden but important details .

Price: 100 euro (1,5-2 hours)

Mandatory ticket booking:

 from March to October adult 24 euros, children (under 18) 4 euros

November to February adult 16  Euro,  children (up to 18 years old) 4 euros

Флоренция. Галерея Уффици. Первый коридор
Давид Микеланджело. Музей Академии Искусств. Флоренция

The Museum of the Academy of Arts is one of the iconic places in Florence , due to original statue of David made by Michelangelo. Although now there are many replicas of this statue around the world, when you see the original one, you will understand the meanings of the words that "Michelangelo really brought the stone to life". You will learn how the statue was created, what political situation prevailed during this period in Florence, what David symbolizes,  and how it differs from previous statues made by other Florentine masters.

In addition to the statue of David the museum has several sculptures of Michelangelo of later period, The Prisoners. Looking at them you can understand the inner world of the Master and his technique of work.

Here you can also find some paintings by Botticelli, Filippino Lippi, Perugino, the plaster cast of the Rape of the Sabine by Giambolonia and the gypsum library of the 19th-century sculptor Lorenzo Bartolini .

Price: 50 euro (1 hour)

Mandatory Ticket Booking: Adult 16  euro, children (under 18 years old) 4 euros.

Museum of the Academy of Arts: Michelangelo's David
Palazzo Vecchio: a symbol of power

Palazzo Vecchio was once a town halls, now partly transformed into a museum, partly retaining its functions as the city administration. In the museum the grandiose Hall of the Five Hundred will certainly make an impression. Here Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo should have placed their frescoes, which were later covered by the works of Vasari.

It was here that the heroes of Dan Brown's Inferno were looking for the coveted inscription "chi cerca trova" (who seeks, will find). The ceiling is a magnificent cycle of paintings praising Florence and the Medici family in the face of Cosimo I.

The study of Prince Francesco I contains alchemical allegories and symbols. Several rooms are dedicated to individual members of the Medici family, where their virtues and important events from life. are shown On the upper floors you will find the apartments of Cosimo I Medici and his wife Eleanor of Toledo, also filled with symbols and allegorical subjects.

You will also see the conditions in which the deputies of 14th centuries lived while being on duty and learn more about the political structure of Florence in the Middle Ages.

Price: 100 euro (1.5-2 hours)

Entrance ticket (reservation not required): adult €10, tower €14, children under 18 free

Палаццо Веккьо.jpg
Барджелло: музей скульптуры во Флоренции

For those who are not the first time in Florence, we advise to visit the Bargello Museum. You will discover a lot of new and interesting things as the statues of Donatello and Verrocchio, who were the first to leave the usual canons of Gothic sculpture and played with emotions and feelings, expressive works by Michelangelo, sophisticated and dynamic statues and figurines of Giambologna .

The museum also offers you an extensive collection of applied art, household items, decorations from the Longobard era, weapons and porcelain .

The building itself has a long history and has preserved a fresco depicting Dante (the only image painted while the poet was still in live).

Positive thing is also that there is usually no queue to enter this museum.

Cost: 100 euro (2 hours)

Entrance ticket: adult 8 euros

Museum of Sculpture Bargello: the stone that speaks to us
Florence Cathedral Museum: 
unbelievable creation of man

You would hardly find a person who do not admire the Florence Cathedral, its magnificence and grandiose scale. The Cathedral Museum reflects the history of its construction and transformation: here you will find both the old facade, the original Baptistery gate and statues of Donatello in close proximity. A significant part of the exposition is devoted to the construction of the dome of the Florence Cathedral and the projects of the new Facade, created in the 19th century. The statue of Pieta by Michelangelo and Mary Magdalene by Donatello also deserve admiration.

During this tour, you will learn all the secrets and nuances of construction, the content of narrative cycles and the significance of certain works in the general history of Florence and the Renaissance .

Price: 50 euro (1-1.5  hours)

Entrance ticket: adult 18 euros (includes entrance to the museum, climb to the Dome, climb to the Belfry, entrance to the Baptistery, visit to the Crypt

Санта Мария дель Фьоре.JPG
Капеллы Медичи.jpg
Mausoleum of the Medici: a great dynasty and a great genius

A small but very valuable museum praising the Medici family and the genius of Michelangelo. A tour for those who want to know individual members of the ruling Medici dynasty, learn about their character, strengths and weaknesses, and the vicissitudes of fate. 

The second part of the tour is dedicated to the cycle of works entirely made by Michelangelo, where sacred meanings are hidden, speaking to you about life and death, and the rebirth.

You will learn how the fate of the great genius intertwined with the Medici family and what these relationships were like in different periods.

Price: 50 euros (1 hour)

Entrance ticket: adult 8 euros

Today, the former residence of the Medici has turned into a huge museum complex that offers its visitors the most versatile aspects.

The two-hour tour focuses on the Palatine Gallery and is ideal for those who don't want to queue up for the Uffizi Gallery but still want to enjoy the art work of the Italian masters. Here you will find paintings of Botticelli, Filippino Lippi, Pontormo, Raphael (around 12 paintings), Titian, Rubens, Caravaggio.

Fresco cycles with allegorical scenes are the other point of interest as the furniture of the Royal Apartments.

During a four-hour tour, you will learn more about life in the palace, how certain rooms were located and how they were used. We will visit the Silver Museum, which stores the remnants of palace luxury in the form of table sets, applied arts and jewelry. In addition, we have the opportunity to see the paintings and sculptures of the 19th century, including the works of Bartolini, Giovanni Dupre, Karl Bryuloff, Stefano Ussi and local impressionists "Machiaoli".

Tour 2 hours (Palatine Painting Gallery): 100 euro

Tour 4 hours (Complex tour of 3 museums): 200 euro

Entrance ticket: Palace 16 euros (13 euros from November to February), Gardens and Porcelain Museum 13  euro (10 euro from November to February)

Palazzo Pitti and Palatine Gallery:
plunge into the luxury of the royal court
Палаццо Питти.jpg
Музей Стибберта
Stibbert Museum: Romantic Epoch

If it is not your first time in Florence and you are already tired of the typical sites and museums, then this is the right place for you! I

n the 19th century, the so called "romanticism" dominated Europe, the culture which glorified the glorious events of the past, jousting tournaments and military campaigns. The son of English immigrants, Frederick Stibbert, was no exception and was also fond of these ideas, but in his case, the hobby grew into a real passion.

The Stibbert Museum is located in the mansion where the owner of the collection once lived. You can still see how his rooms looked and what they were furnished with. Entering the house, you are immersed in an extraordinary atmosphere: knightly armor, an innumerable collection of weapons from different times and different countries, valuable pieces of furniture, paintings by famous masters. This museum can offer you something really unique and memorable!

Price: 70 euro (1 hour)

Entrance ticket: 8 euros

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